Jul 11, 2005

the 9th issue of Alison Croggon's online literary magazine, Masthead, included five poems of mine.

you can read them here

Alison posted some evocative words about the process of putting the issue together to the [Poneme] list:

"I am always surprised by how each issue evolves its own conversation. This
seems to occur despite me, rather than with deliberate intent. This issue's
abiding themes seem to be eroticism and translation, the pleasures of
exchange between languages and bodies. And here the manifold and
contradictory pleasures of writing and sex emerge as profoundly political.
"Pleasure cannot, and does not, mitigate anger," says Sophie Mayer in her
essay on the eroticism of Native American poetry. "The lived experience of
genocide, racism, misogyny, homophobia and transphobia find their voices too - ... pleasure becomes a protest against the dominant forces that would
ignore or destroy it.""