11 May 2007

'a gap, invisible in the photograph (lover's leap)', and 'field notes for love poems' (0:2)*

a gap, invisible in the photograph (lover's leap)

to hear imperfectly

this bay : opening

as grey lines, as colourless

light and wide

shifting in the body

axis : keying an actual sun

in forests' verticality : in solar re

verberations before

such rushed

suddenness of field : set

the devouring o-

zone depleted opening

in myriad capillaries,

dilating light & wide :

at the abandoned port,

the sea's rages range

relation, flats

to peaks, black

calm to tumultuous

blue : can such flatness

of affect be a level

of whisper : how

to locate among

columns, among names,

within such loud leaning

in doorways, a wish

for blanking

the eye's notebook?

cloud-parted grass

spines threading the eye's

trust toward water,

reverberating in each step

a season, releasing

a thrown momentary

confetti of burnt orange

Lepidoptera, decentring

myriad shadows, scrolling

at ferns' slowness :

a crisp wheeling inside

what is hoped,

what is happened, the path

silenced and settling

uneasily, again in these

greens, the eye

unhinges : fills, a gap

that is also all

that is here :

field notes for love poems


approaching close listening

stammer in actualities, greens

& subject's continuance,

river line threaded towards Taieri,

the gear shift of speaking

unwinding the catalogue

to simple nouns

hanging against clouds

as portals, vanishing points

carved in the ear's longing

an empty traintrack

a note repeating: a-a-a


*[both included in NZ literary journal Landfall, issue 214 (2007), pp. 117-9. With the themeless theme of 'Open House', the issue was edited by Auckland based poet Jack Ross. more info here]

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