18 Nov 2007

NZ Experimental Film post-Lye at the Otherfilm Festival, Brisbane

i was invited to give a talk on New Zealand experimental film after Len Lye to the assembled guests of the Otherfilm experimental and expanded film festival in Brisbane, run by the Otherfilm collective (Sally Golding, Joel Stern and Danni Zuvela), on the 17th November 2007.

Otherfilm's focus is on the medium of celluloid, in its materiality, history, and the complex and multivariant use by artists of this 'obsolete' media form in the present.

As befitting a dinnertime discourse, discussion began with a screening of Len Lye's wartime film When the Pie Was Opened. I shared the day's bill with Dirk de Bruyn, Kerry Laitaia, and Jon Dale, and the festival with many other illustrious participants from the world of contemporary avant garde film, expanded cinema, and unabashed celluloid neo-materialism. more info here

"Film & food – art-forms usually subjected to industrial mass-production, but so much more scrumptious when hand-made with love. Break some bread with us as we nourish all the senses by honouring OFF07 special guest Dirk de Bruyn with a luscious retrospective screening & nutritionally-enriched talks on avant-garde film."

the full 2007 Otherfilm programme is here.

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