2 Jan 2009

radiophonics and noise in the Cannan Downs ambient zone

radio cegeste played to a clearing of trees and a smattering of listeners at sundown on New Years day in the Ambient zone at the Cannan Downs music festival, experimenting with layering mobile, small scale lo-fi radiophonics with the sounds of distant large PA systems belting out electronic beats, the occasional sounds of wandering danceparty hedonists, and the area's intricate natural soundscape. this event involved the distribution of radio recievers to audience members, tactile performativity of the electromagnetic spectrum, the playback of urban and natural field recordings through 8 channel speakers and via Mini FM transmitter simultaneously, as well as added input from the guitar of Dunedin based noise improviser Toki Wilson, whose instrument functioned as sporadic aerial for the transmitter's fragile signal during the last half of the set.

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