12 Feb 2009

radio free NONE / the book of margins

an improvisatory radio cegeste broadcast was recorded on the afternoon of the 11th of February, in the main gallery of NONE, at 24 Stafford street, Dunedin. For just over an hour, my transmissions were channelled through the instruments, bodies and sensibilities of None denziens and multitalented improvisers Alex MacKinnon, Toki Wilson, and Edwina Stevens.

For most of this time, the Mini FM transmitter was activated in a no-input and hands-on manner, effectively treated as akin to an unwieldy, unstable Theremin, although a small amount of playback material, sourced from recordings made the day before at a group violin/cello improv jam session with free-string group Strork, whose players included Alastair Galbraith, John White, Alan Starrett, Motoko Kikkawa & Nigel Bunn as well as myself, crept into the last quarter of the session.

thanks to Alex for the recording. an excerpt of it can be found in Mp3 form here

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