31 May 2009


a collaborative improvisation session on the afternoon of May 30th at NONE with Lee Noyes and Alex MacKinnon produced a 55min recording, an excerpt of which Lee considered strong enough to post to his blog on NetNewMusic, calling it 'Art, I see you Lately in your Energy', here

he had this to say about it:


A new track:

10:22.402min excerpt from 55min improvisation recorded 30 May 2009.

AlexanderMacKinnon: Guitar/FX/TapeSampling/Electronics (Centre-Right Channel)
SallyAnnMcIntyre: Violin/ContactMics/BroadcastRadio&Recievers (Right Channel)
LeeNoyes: Percussion (Left Channel) & Processing/FeedbackElectronics (Centre-Left Channel)

First meeting by this group of NoneGallery, Dunedin-based artists. Further work, both as an ensemble and with Recordings should yield a release sometime 2009.

"Parsing through ether"

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