9 Jul 2014

McIntyre/Stern in performance at Make It Up Club's 16th Birthday Celebrations, Melbourne, 14.01.2014

I was rather chuffed to find that guerrilla archivist Weirdo with a Dictaphone had recently bootlegged a recording of the duo performance I did with Joel Stern at Make It Up Club's 16th anniversary celebrations in mid-January, alongside this appropriately noisy photo (in which I'm pretty much completely invisible, located to the right behind the glowing apple), alongside a reminder of master-of-ceremonies Lloyd Honeybrook's ever-loquacious intro to the Stern/Cegeste debut: “New Zealander radio artist Sally McIntyre casts her receiver out into the imperceptibly omnipotent abyss of frequencies surrounding us, variously drawing in and transmitting out EVP of extinct birds, the void of defunct gallery spaces and the like, ably matched by the nihilistically nonentitative nullcore isms of Joel Stern. | Sally McIntyre [NZ] (FM transmitter & receivers, turntable, field recordings, bat detector & shortwave valve radio) & Joel Stern (Bits and Pieces of Nothing)” as well as the somewhat startling comment: "An amazing, mystifying performance. Possibly one of the best MIUC shows I’ve ever seen."

This gig was a unique one and a great memory for many reasons; Joel's playful interventions marked the first time i'd ever experimented with another live input signal going direct through my transmitter, at the same time as my own. The resulting homage to the misuse of the archive, theremins, morse code, a shared passion for the collecting of weirdo Library Music, Canary Training and Bird Identification records, and similar ephemera, can now be download for free via the link above, or directly from here, for your listening pleasure. Considering my own zoom recorder failed to perform on the night, it's really great to be able to hear it...