13 Feb 2017


on Feburary 12 radio cegeste was invited to perform at Quiet Noise VI, an annual house/backyard show challenging experimental/noise performers to play without amplification, curated by Clinton Green (of Shame File Music) in his suburban garden in West Footscray, in Melbourne, Australia. 

taking a somewhat baroque approach to this ideal opportunity to explore the theme of non-electric amplification, I brought a Columbia Graphophone Cylinder Phonograph (a very special Model Type AA, c.1901-1902, the "smallest talking machine" sold by Columbia; it plays 2 minute cylinders, and is all original including the horn) all the way from New Zealand.
I played this it in combination with various other eclectic eco-sonic media including crank- and battery- powered audio storage/playback and transmission devices, hand-made paper music box notation of material traces of dunedin streets, extinct NZ birdsong transcriptions in various formats, morse code, bat detector, 78rpm birdsong records on a portable record player, multiple radio transmitters narrowcasting on various frequencies, and radio receivers distributed around the audience. while it's been a crazy heatwave in Australia this past week, today the wind was up and tore the transmitted sounds sound around the space, I hope, in a pleasing way. there were additional trains and birds sounding from the environment, whose aleatory additions made an unstable whole that hung together with some manner of perfect-imperfect improvisational sense. or at least from where I was standing.

the rest of the lineup was listed as follows:

Ren Walters & Clinton Green – perform a duo with sheets of metal recently retrieved from the bush north of Mildura.

Derek McCormack – solo performance from recent Improv Idol finalist!
with acoustic turntable preparations from DJ Stanley Phatmax between acts.

images by Jennifer Callaway and Caroline Kennedy.

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