“There is Only Here and Now, and Light"

liner notes / catalogue text for Andrei Tarkovsky - Another Kind Of Language various artists 3 CD set + 20 page booklet, and/Oar, released 18 October 2015.


"Somewhere Inside the Future of this Room, a Piano has Stopped to Listen" 

catalogue essay accompanying Anya Sinclair, Escape Prism, solo artist exhibition in Olveston Historic Home, Dunedin, 5-14 June, 2015.


review of the exhibition Sound Full, curated by Caleb Kelly, at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery, for Realtime issue 111, 2012. 


"Seven Days of Seeing: the Archive and the Instant in Drifting Observatories",

catalogue essay for multi-venue photographic project Drifting Observatories: photos taken from around the world from the 7th-14th November 2005, by Margot Didsbury and Fiona Connor, shown in rm103, Auckland, and the Blue Oyster, Dunedin, February-March 2006.


"From Mini FM to Hacktivists: A Guide to Art and Activism"

review of exhibition curated by Mercedes Vicente at The Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth, for Flash Art International #247, March-April 2006.

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