22 Mar 2009

(species of spaces, 00:1)*

a radio cegeste programme was performed / transmitted as a 5min acousmatic / radiophonic event score, as part of the marsupial gallery project PRANK ETUDES WRONG PETCHERA KTCUTCHHA, at Maca’s burger bar, High Street, Christchurch, Saturday 21 March 2009, 8pm-9pm.

transmitted material was comprised of 8 discrete 5min field recordings collected while doing the rounds of Christchurch’s gallery spaces between 2:45 and 5:05 on Wednesday 18th March 2009. these recordings were then layered / arranged as a new conglomeration in a 5min performance for Mini FM transmitter and two small receivers.

a fairly bad quality recording of the live performance, complete with crowd noise, stand up comedy, and recognisable laughter / heckling from certain christchurch experimental music scene stalwarts, is here

the PR read as follows:

radio cegeste reflects on questions of gallery spectatorship, the temporal attention given to art in the era of the preset, and the general notion of art as sound-byte entertainment, with a radio programme designed for marsupial gallery’s peripatetic project series. for this programme, a series of field recordings of empty gallery spaces in the city in question, christchurch, recorded in the days before the event, will be layered in the five minute time span of the set and combined with the live radio waves present in the space itself, which is located close to the original location of the first manifestation of the high street project, christchurch’s longest running project space. in this way, radio cegeste hopes to overhear some ghosts as she reflects on the changes in new zealand project-space culture since the early 1990s.

the evening’s performers (in Progressive Order as 5 minute sets) are: 1 HEAVY TURKEY 2 MIRK 3 CRECHE 4 SATANIC TEA TOWEL 5 RADIO CEGESTE 6 I DON’T SPOOK EASY 7 TRAINING 8 RICHARD NEAVE


* featuring the sounds of:

1. (18 March 2009, 2:45 – 2:50pm) / SoFA Gallery. group show ‘Masters 08’ : Kim Lowe, Marie Le Lievre, Robin Neate, Cristina Silaghi

2. (18 March 2009, 3:02 – 3:07pm) / Christchurch Art Gallery car park entranceway. Subsonic series : Campbell Kneale : ‘First Titan’ 2009, (15:59)

3. (18 March 2009, 3:10 – 3:15pm) / Christchurch Art Gallery foyer.

4. (18 March 2009, 3:20 – 3:25pm) / The Physics Room. main space : between-show installation; side space : the vestiges of Tony Delatour : ‘B sides and Demos’

5. (18 March 2009, 3:55 – 4:00pm) / Jonathan Smart Gallery. group show ‘Optimism’ : Judy Darragh, Robert Hood, Nathan Pohio, John Pule, Neil Dawson, Anne Noble, Michael Parekowhai, Leigh Martin, Peter Peryer, Andrew Drummond, Anton Parsons, Hannah & Aaron Beehre, et al

6. (18 March 2009, 4:40 – 4:45pm) / The Brooke Gifford Gallery. Peter Ireland : ‘Cultural Studies 101’, and Darren George : ‘Whare Puka Puka’

7. (18 March 2009, 4:50 – 4:55pm) / Paintlust. foyer space, outside gallery opening hours.

8. (18 March 2009, 5:00 – 5:05pm) / The High Street Project. Robert Hood : ‘The Wrecked Kilometre’

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