5 Nov 2009


ship/person/ship, my occasional DJ duo with Matthew Steindl, a musician who works as the music librarian at Wellington's Alexander Turnbull Library, has a focus on 45s and 78s, pre-1960s jazz, op shop found vinyl, and overlooked New Zealand labels such as Kiwi Records.

s/p/s happens at a tiny, intimately scaled bar in central Wellington, which has a 50s theme and seems to belong to a different city or a different time. Called The Pit, it is annexed to a theatre space named Bats. After vowing some time ago never to DJ live again, this foray into the belligerently analogue and unapologetically residual side of the sonic spectrum has been many things, not least an uncanny return to some aspects of my early experimental found-tape and library-music days on rotate your state, RDU98:3FM, manifest in practice as an intriguing and quite unique clash of various forgotten popular NZ sound histories with a pre-rock'n'roll Gramophone-powered speakeasy.

above is a selection of Matt's rather beautiful posters for the events...

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